N0 Company Name Member Name Nationality Business Type

Contractor, Real Estate, Banking

2 LY CHHUONG Construction Import Export Co.,Ltd CCA's Vice Chairman Lok Oknha.Ly Chhuong Cambodian
Asphalt, Construction Contractor, Interior design, Interior decoration, Property investment, Road building, Architectural design, Engineering Contractor, Construction equipment


(Cambodia) Co.,Ltd

CCA's Vice Chairman Lok Oknha. Hann Khieng Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management , Engineers - Civil, Marine, etc , Metal Products & Works, Cranes - Sales, Rental Services, Road Building Equipment, Quality Assurance Consultants Equipment, Asphalt, Quarries, Engineering Equipment Supplies.
4 MONG RETHTHY GROUP Co.,Ltd CCA's Secretary General Neak Oknha. Mong Reththy Cambodian
Construction ( Building, Road Bridges ) - Contractors, Importers, Exporters, and Agriculture
5 SENG ENTERPRISES Co.,Ltd CA's Deputy Secretary General Lok Oknha. Seng Chhayour Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Engineering, Road Building Contractors Equipment, Irrigation Equipment, Systems Services, Maintenance - General, Building, Electrical, Plumbing,
6 KHUN SEA GROUP DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd CCA's Deputy Secretary General Neak Oknha. Khun Sea Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management
7 CHIP MONG GROUP Co., Ltd cca board Lok Oknha. Leang Meng Cambodian
Scaffolding, Electric Equipment Supplies, Importers Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies, Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Tiles Supplies Manufacturers, Metal Products Works, Cement Suppliers Manufacturers.
8 NURI E N C Co., Ltd cca board Mr. Cho Kwi Yeun Korean
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Design Engineering, Condominiums Boreys, Apartment Rental Services.
9 JIT ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd cca board Mr. Sun Sok Kheang Cambodian
Industrial and Construction Safety Equipments, Structural Construction, Bore Pile Works, Machine for Construction, Mechanical Works, Pipes Fittings ( Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel )., Super Liquid Apply for Seamless Waterproofing System, Various Industrial Hydraulic Hoses Flexible Bellows Expansion Joints For Pipe work.
10 COMIN KHMER Co., Ltd cca board Mr. Denis Astgen French
Electrical Works, Cold Rooms - Wholesalers Manufacturers, Measuring Machines Equipment, Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Pumps, Automation Equipment Systems, Solar Energy
11 MEGA CAMBO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.,Ltd cca board Mr. Charles Vann Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management
12 7 F T D CO., LTD Member Mr. Kenn Meyfroodt Belgian
Pile and Pole Products
13 SIKA (CAMBODIA) Ltd Member Mr. Sin Dina Cambodian
Parkway office Center, 2nd floor, 2FB2, Moa Tse Tung Boulevard, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey I, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.
14 Branch of P.T.S GROUP CO., Ltd Member Mr. Sonthavy ORADOM Thai
Construction Supply Heavy Equipment
16 HENG ENG KONG CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd Member Mr. Heng Eng Kong Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management.
17 VENTURE (CAMBODIA) Pte. Ltd Member Mr. Chua Poh Seng Singaporean
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Trading.
18 JOTUN ( CAMBODIA ) Limited Member Mr. Thouse Chantrea Cambodian
Decorative Paint, Protective Coating Marine Coating
20 CAMCONA GROUP Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Varheng Dawuth Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management; Architectural - Design, Consultants; Construction Equipment & Materials – Supplies: Water Heating Appliances, Outdoor Lighting, Mortar Spraying Conveying Line, Light Construction Machinery.
21 T-RO Construction Co., Ltd Member Mrs. Chhim Moa Charo Cambodian
Designs for complex building electricity, Construction of public buildings private accommodation, Plumbing / Air-Con installation design
22 SUN HOUR GROUP Co., Ltd Membe Mr. Seng Seamlay Cambodian
Pumps, Swimming Pool Equipment, Maintenance, Installation Supplies, Water Purification Filtration Equipment Services, Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Gas Appliances Bottled Gas Refill Delivery, Tiles
23 L.B.L INTERNATIONAL Member Mrs. Khao Lysine Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management Engineering-Contractors Consultants



Member Mr. Traing Huy Cambodian
Plastic Products, Pipes Fittings
25 ASSOCIATE ASPHALT PRODUCTS GROUP Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chhin Ken Cambodian
Equipment Materials, Scales, Power Plants
26 Plus Enterprise Co., Ltd Member Mr. Voeung Prayut Cambodian
Education, Production, Machinary, Employment, Travel Tours, Media Consulting, Engineering Construction, Franchising Representation, Import Sale Resort Development.
27 CAMPU LONPAC INSURANCE Plc. Member Mr. Chan Lek Wei Malaysian
Insurance Companies, Brokers Agents
28 HSC Co., Ltd. Member Lok Oknha Sok Hong Cambodian
Paint supplier, Air conditioning supplier, Kitchen, Sanitary and allu Material Supplier
30 UNITED MERCURY GROUP Member Mr. Alfred K Aliwarga Indonesian
Tractor, Heavy, Agricultural Equipment

Taing Cheng Oing Construction

Co., Ltd

Member Mr. Taing Cheng Oing Cambodian
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management
32 Cambodia-Vietnam Insurance Plc Member Mr. Cao Minh Son Vietnam
Insurance Companies, Brokers Agents
36 Bonna Realty Group Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Sung Bonna Cambodian
Real Estate Agencies Appraisers, Business Consultants - Management, Development Consultants,Property Investment Companies, Property Management, Apartment Rental Services.
38 TEM Trading Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Kry Sokda Cambodian
Pipes Fittings, Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies, Agricultural Equipment Supplies, Pumps, Security Equipment, Electric Equipment Supplies, Air Conditioning - Supplies Services, Water Purification Filtration Equipment Services, Valves

BITUS PLC ( Public Limited

Company )

Member Mr. Jung Young Nam Korean
Building, House Villa, Renovation, Decoration, Road, Consulting.
41 R T D ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd Member Mr. Nam Vandy Cambodian
Carpet, Home Appliance, Window, Door and Window, Floor Carpet
42 HENG ASIA Member Mr. Or Pisath Cambodian
Water Heaters Coolers, Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies, Pumps, Cookers Kitchen Equipment, Water Purification Filtration Equipment Services, Bathroom Equipment Supplies
43 ENGINEERING TECHNICAL SERVICE Co., Ltd Member Mr. Thy Vanthoeun Cambodian
Air Conditioning - Supplies Services, Electric Panel Builders, Electrical Works, Electric Equipment Supplies, Security Equipment
44 ADVANCED TECHNICAL SUPPLIES Co., Ltd Member Mr. Guillon Nicolas Franch
Electrical Panel Builder, Electrical Equipment,
Electrical Component, Low Medium Voltage
Distribution, Telecommunication Solutions,
Lightning Protection, Energy Management System
45 MULTICO MS (CAMBODIA) Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Hartono Tiodora Indonesian
Heavy Equipment Services Supplies, Heavy Equipment Services Supplies, Tractor Dealers - Equipment Parts, Battery Supplies, Machinery Machine Shops
49 Lotus Green Team Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Hong Leang Y Cambodian
MEP Constrator, Maintenance - General,Building, Electrical,Plumbing, Cleaning, etc.Mechanical Contractors Electrical Works Construction - Contractors, Consultant
50 Professional Engineering Plus Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chum Sam Veasna Cambodian
Engineering Construction Design
51 WIKI Trade Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Bun Nara Cambodian
53 Taiwan Kamhwa Crushing International Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Kuy Vat Cambodian
Construction Stone Quarry, Supply, Crashing Rock, Riprap, Aggregate for rood, building and bridge…etc.
54 Sports Engineering and Recreation Asia( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Simon Doron Rapoport Israel
Sports Equipments, Sports Construction...etc.



Member Mr. Kim Sovan Chiness
Engineering Construction, Investment,

C.Melchers GmbH Co.KG

( Cambodia )

Member Mr. Chhun Samnang Cambodian
Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Hand Tools, Ginding Materials, Surface Finishing Equipments Construction, Electrical, Steel Welding, Air-conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation System, Fire Fighting System, Water Treatment Plant, Piping System
57 INOVAR (CAMBODIA) Pte.Ltd Member Mr. Francis Yeow Malaysia
Flooring products:Superior water resistant laminate flooring, PVC flooring and Bamboo flooring.
62 VRK Corporation Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Yim Keokalyan Cambodian
Construction, Electrical, Steel Welding, Air-conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation System, Fire Fighting System, Water Treatment Plant, Piping System
63 Vann Sophy Group Co.,Ltd Member Ms. Vann Sophy Cambodian
Transports, import /export, tariffs, ware house, insurance, cargo handling, distribution Construction, Electrical, Steel Welding, Air-conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation System, Fire Fighting System, Water Treatment Plant, Piping System
65 Camko Pile Plus Enterprises Co., Ltd Member Mr. Kim Kiwon Korean
Bored Pile, Spum Pile, D.R.A ( S.D.A ), Hydraulic Hammer, S.I.P ( Soil Cement Injected Precast Pile ), S.C.W ( Soil Cement Wall ).
66 Cambodian Chemical Supply Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Soum Sambath Cambodian
Paint - Dealers Contractors
67 Soil Testing Laboratory Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Hun Sochara Cambodia
Soil Testing Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management
69 B Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chum Saborith Cambodian
Supply Survey Equipment Laser Tools, Rent, Calibration, Repair, etc
71 Meng Leng Eav Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Meng Reaksmey Cambodian
Power Tools, Security Systems, Home Appliance, Packaging Technology, Thermo technology, Control Technology, Security Equipment, Automotive, etc
72 DHINIMEX Co., LTD Member Mrs. Vong Sorphorn Cambodian
lectric Equipment, Electrical Appliances, Metering System, Electric Engineering, Transformers, Prestress Concrerte, Power Generator , Network Equipment
73 Soma Construction Development Co., Ltd. Member Mr. Chea Chandara Cambodian
Construction - Engineering, Consultants Management , Architectural - Design, Interior Exterior Decorator, Designer Services,Electrical Works , Civil, Marine, etc
75 Wuerth (Cambodia) Ltd. Member Mr. Tep Tino Cambodian
Hotel Motel Equipment Supplies, Automotive Maintenance , Chemicals , Lubricants Oils , Safety Fire Equipment ,Electrical, Plumbing, Cleaning, etc.
76 Infinity General Insurance Plc. Member Mr. Chhay Ratana Cambodian
Insurance, Travel, Car, Life Health, Brokers Agent, etc
77 Bisho International Engineering Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Tanaka Toshiaki Japanese
Consultant Construction
78 J C M NIPPON PRIVATE LTD Member Mr. Heng Meng Cambodian
Construction, Nippon Paint..etc.
79 Property Management Group Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Tek Sovanthet Cambodian
Construction Design Furniture, Mechanical, Plumbing Electrical, Doors Windows
80 SOKUN Windows Member Mr. Keo Sokun Cambodian
Doors Windows - Workshops Retailers
81 PCG Co-Operation Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Hel Oudom Cambodian
Cable, Cable Gland, Cable Tray Ladder, Cable Transit, Cable Tie, Bolt Nut, Junction Box, Fitting, Lighting
82 LILICO STEEL Co.,Ltd >Member Mr. Sun Soben Cambodian
Steel Structural Works, Roofing, Tole / Steel: Pre-pained and zinc galvanized steel sheet, cold steel plate/ tole (square wave, circular wave, river)
Color painted roller door, windward door, gutters and other doors, All kinds of edges and accessories of tole.
83 DYNAMIC SCIENTIFIC Co.,Ltd. Member Mr. Kimson Tom Cambodian
Laboratory Equipment Supplies, Pharmaceutical, Companies Products, Health Care Products Services Importers
84 KANG HWA EC ( CAMBODIA ) Co.,Ltd Member ;Mr. Kim Hee Soo Korean
Engineering - Contractors Consultants
85 ASIA CONCRETE COMPANY Ltd Member Mr. Cheng Tzan Chang Taiwanese
Business View
86 Meanchey International Investment Co.,Ltd Member Mrs.Teav Thyda Cambodian
Construction, Condominiums Boreys..etc
87 TK Generation Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Kang Tae Wook Korean
Wood Furniture: Door, Sliced Veneer Wood, Flooring, Finger Joint Laminated Board, Deck, Molding
88 E.M Construction Import Export Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Eav Meng Cambodian
Construction Equipment and Material Supply Constructor,Contruction Consultant and Management Electrical Works Electric Equipment Supply
89 P. K LIGHT BLOCK Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Khou Youheang Cambodian
Lighting Fixtures and Supplies
90 ALEXTORIA BUILDMART (CAMBODIA ) Co.,Ltd <Member Mr. Nhem Sothea Cambodian

Building and Decoration Materials and Services

91 ALEXTORIA BUILDMART ( CAMBODIA ) Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Nhem Sothea Korean
Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies
92 NEW CONSOLIDATED MAX WORLD Member Mr. Kobayashi Toko Korean
Real Estate Agencies & Appraisers , Business Consultants - Management , Investment Companies
93 ATAD Steel Structure Corporation. Member Mr. Nguyen Quang Long Korean
Steel Structural Works.
94 TNRC Logistics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd Member Mrs. You Vanna Korean
Custom Brokerage, Shipment Handling , Freight Forwarding , Door to Door Services , Shipping Agency , Shipping Consultant , Logistics , Transportation.
95 Daun Penh Construction Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chuon Vichetseila Korean
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Buildings, Bridges Road, M / E Service Designing, Maintenance Services, Building Renovation.
96 Branch of Schneider Electric Overseas Asia Pte.Ltd. Member Mr. Ang Koon San Cambodia
Electrical Equipment and Services.
97 Yun Xiang Global Construction Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chen Kun Korean
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Buildings, Bridges Road, M / E Service Designing, Maintenance Services, Building Renovation.
98 Voolim Company Limited Member Ms. Meas Lina Korean
Adjustable Jacks, Safety, materials, Scaffolding Accessories, Waterproofing, Plywood, Clamp and Machines for Construction
99 Vattanac Transformers Supply Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Ny Socheat "Cambodia
Electric Equipment Supplies .etc.
100 Fuxin Steel Buildings Co.,Ltd "Member Mr. Kang Sen Cambodia
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management Steel Structural Works, Engineering Equipment Supplies Equipment Materials - Supplies, Stainless Steel .etc.
101 Jing Long Ma Global Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Wang Xiao Ming Cambodia
waterproof material production sale and construction .etc.
102 Compagnie Francaise De Commerce S.A.R.L "Member Ms. Said Sahida Cambodia
Concrete, Waterproofing Materials Services, Tiles Supplies Manufacturers .etc.
103 Hua Chuanxin International Construction Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Huang Shangji Cambodia
Professional Civil Construction, General Contracting, Housing Construction, Municipal, Highway, Earthwork, The building subcontractor, Woodworking, Reinforcing Steel Bar, Masons, Scaffolders, Plumbers and Electricians.
104 A.P.E Trading and Construction Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Nam Sarith Cambodia
Construction Equipment and Materials Supplier…etc,
105 EQ Architects Construction Co.,Ltd Member Mr.Chorng Kim Dorn Cambodia
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management.etc.
106 Chamroen Vanly Co.,Ltd Member Ms. Sao Vanly Cambodia
SmartBlock AAC Lightweight Brick, TTM Mortar Cement Innovative Plastering and Mansory, SHERA Decorative products with modernized innovation.
107 CREED ASIA ( CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD Member Mr. Tomohiro Yakushi Cambodia
Investment Companies, Property Management
108 V-STRAND Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Van Mohamath Cambodia
Construction - Contractors, Consultants Management, Interior Exterior Decorator, Designer Services, Architectural - Design, Consultants etc.
109 Think Biotech ( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Seo Kyung Youl Cambodia
Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies, Tiles Supplies Manufacturers, Floor Materials - Supplies, Wood Works, Processing Treatment, Furniture, Doors Windows - Workshops Retailers
110 Branch of CAST LABORATORIES PTE LTD. Member Mr. Gary NG Kin Choy Cambodia
Construction Equipment Materials - Supplies, Tiles Supplies Manufacturers, Floor Materials - Supplies, Wood Works, Processing Treatment, Furniture, Doors Windows - Workshops Retailers
111 Mixtra Electric Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Chiek Chansamphors Cambodia
Cable, Cable Gland, Cable Tray Ladder, Cable Transit, Cable Tie, Bolt Nut, Junction Box, Fitting, Lighting
112 China Sinomach Soueast Machinery (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd "Member Mr. Wang Guorong Cambodia
Construction Supplies, Concrete Pipeline, Petroleum Tanks, Concrete Batch Mixing, Oil Tank, Heavy Equipment, Fork Lifts Cranes
113 Hanvico Cambodia Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Truc Huynh (Mark) Cambodia
Mattresses - Dealers
114 Seatop Logistics ( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd. Member Mr. Chan Seiha Cambodia
Export: International Freight Forwarding Logistics…etc,Import: Customs Brokerage or Clearance, Pick and Pack…etc,Warehousing: Container Stuffing Un-Stuffing, Storage Staging…etc.etc.
115 Hot Dip Galvani Factory Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Leng Chanthoeun Cambodia
Telecommunication Equipment, Supplies Services, Factory Fabrication Process, Factory Profile, Galvanizing Procedure, Galvanizing Sequences, Process Control, Production Sequence of Steel Work
116 REAL ESTATE .COM.KH. Member Mr. O’sullivan Thomas Francis Cambodia
Real Estate Agencies Appraisers , Business Consultants - Management , Investment Companies
117 KNN Cambodia Co., Ltd. Member Mr.Cheam Konnat Cambodia
Heavy Equipment Services Supplies Tractor Dealers - Equipment Parts Machinery Machine Shops
118 MPM Mekong Property Management Co.,Ltd Member Mr. Thach Channy Cambodia
Heavy Equipment Services Supplies Tractor Dealers - Equipment Parts Machinery Machine Shops
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